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Q: Is my personal information protected with your company?
A: Any personal information that you provide to any of our businesses are privacy protected. Your information will never be shared or sold to anyone!
Q: How does the system work? Is it member to member?
A: NO it is not member to member.. Once you are a paid member the system will put 4 people under you making you cycle the Phase 1 4x1 matrix. The system will auto repurchase Phase 1 for you and auto upgrade you into Phase 2 4x1 matrix.  The same process is done for Phase 2 through Phase 5. Everything is done for you all you have to do is sign up and pay the $2 for your 1st ad pack.
When you cycle Phase 1 you earn $8  now from that $8 the system does 4 things for you automatically
1 repurchase the Phase you cycled from $2
2 upgrades you to next Phase $4
3 pays sponsor bonus to your sponsor $1
4 puts money in your account $1
When all 4 things are done the total used to do this was $8
Same process is done for all 5 Phases only the amounts are higher but it is all automated.
Q: I do not have a Bitcoin account.. Where can I get one?
A: I suggest you get your F,r.e.e Bitcoin account now go here..

Nigerians can fund their Bitcoin account here with $2 to be used for your purchase to start.

You may then do your withdraws from HeavenlyPay to your Coinbase wallet (or the wallet of your choice) then transfer from your Bitcoin Wallet to your account which can then be transfered to your bank account.

How to withdraw from bitcoin wallet in Nigeria? 
Open your account with after that click on account then click get wallet address, it normally looks this way ' 1Da2tb9xTayPxktQWxnrQ54yyaKrdXeKfa' this will be your wallet id or wallet address you will use to withdraw your earnings from heavenlypay. Now if you have $20 in your bitcoin wallet and you wish to withdraw your funds to your local bank account you need to register with a tested and trusted Nigeria company that buys and sells bitcoin in Nigeria. After you successfully sign up with this company click on 'My Bank' when you login and update your bank details then after that click 'sell e-currency' and tick bitcoin, type the exact amount you want to sell to them '$20' then proceed to the next page you will see the company bitcoin wallet address then copy it and send your $20 from your bitcoin wallet to the company bitcoin wallet address after you successfully Send the funds within 24 hours your local bank account will be credited with the equivilent value.

Q: How long does it take before I will start earning?
Depends on how many members are promoting and how many people join each day and upgrade to paid member.. No way I will put a time on something like this. Any answer would not be the truth.. Patients is needed on your part..

You have 2 choices:
1. Wait patiently and do nothing while others join the program where the system will put people under you so you will cycle.
2. Promote your link to others and sponsor people into the program (NO THEY WILL NOT PAY YOU.. THIS IS NOT MEMBER 2 MEMBER PROGRAM.. NO THEY WILL NOT BE DIRECTLY UNDER YOU AND YOU WILL RECEIVE THE SPONSOR BONUS EACH TIME THE REFERRAL CYCLES EACH PHASE) but they will go in the 1st open spot in the matrix which will speed things up for you to get your 4 under you so you cycle..

Q: Can I Purchase more then 1 ad pack? Do I need a new account?
A: Yes you can purchase as many ad packs as you like.. Ad packs can also be purchased from your earnings by using the drop down arrow and selecting from account balance.. No you do not need a new account..
Q: Will my direct referrals come under me?
A: No They will not be place under you but you earn a matching bonus once they cycle each level out.
Q: How fast do I earn?
A: Once 4 people come under you, you cycle out and will automatically upgrade to the next level..
Q: How do I withdraw my earnings?
A: You can do a withdraw once you have $15 in account wallet by clicking the withdraw link in members area and putting in your Bank Transfer Info (Nigerians) or Bitcoin Wallet ID#..
Q: How will I know my account is active?
A: Once payment is approved the system will send you an email (Welcome to the Phase 1 4x1).
Q: I paid with Bitcoin but have not been activated yet.. Why?
A: All Bitcoin Payments are auto approved once confirmed.. make sure you did not receive an email from coinpayments with subject = [] Important - Partial Payment Received

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